Saturday, April 25, 2009

Longest Entry EVER...sorry

My how time flies by. I realize it has been quite a while since I have updated the blog; what's new, right? A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. Hudson got to celebrate his birthday in Abilene with his two cousins, Brooklyn and Ashlynn (Yes, this was his 3rd celebration of turning 1, which is why we didn't have him a party up here). He had a blast. They had it at the YMCA, so he got to swim with his daddy and a bunch of cousins. We made a trip to Austin for the High School Girls State Basketball Tournament and that was SO much fun. Yes, we watched Nimitz High School play for the championship and got to see the 6' 8" Superstar dunk in warm-up...crazy. Derek and I were amazed. She will be at Baylor next year, so I look forward to watching her play more.

I experienced my most embarrassing moment as a parent so far. At daycare Hudson decided to pull another child's pants down and bite him on the bottom...yes, the right cheek to be exact. The worst part about it was that I got to face the kid's parents when I picked him up that day and got to say my apology was great. Luckily, they were very understanding and said that they were laughing. They actually watched it happen on the internet video...GREAT! Yes, this brings a whole new meaning to the nickname we tossed around growing up, "Butt Munch."

Our church hosted the Baby Dedication of all the babies born in 2008. Since Hudson was born in January, he was one of the older kids there. That was such a nice ceremony. I must say that we are so blessed, Hudson especially, to be a part of such an amazing church that is a terrific place for kids to grow up and learn about our Heavenly Father. WOW, those folks in our children's ministry are unbelieveable. They had a nice little reception before church and Hudson was given a nice little cross and bible and then, during church we all went up on stage and the whole congregation prayed over us. It was very sweet. Katherine, I am so sad that we didn't get a picture of us with the boys.

Easter was TERRIFIC. Hudson and I both had pink eye and didn't even get to attend church; not to mention it rained, so we had to do the Easter Egg Hunt in the house. Oh well, you do what you can with what you have, right? Hudson thought the eggs were balls as he threw every single egg that he picked up. That was entertaining. My mom was in town that weekend and picked Hudson up on Friday and kept him overnight and they had a great time dying easter eggs. Derek and I sat on the porch with him while we were waiting on my mom, and his face was priceless when he saw Grandy pull in the drive way. He was so excited to see her. She managed to take him for a ride in our wheel barrel before they hit the road. Yes, we have a wagon and a stroller, but they chose the wheel barrel for some reason. I got some cute pictures of Derek and Hud waiting on the porch. It is a tradition in our family that every child dies a dozen of their own eggs, so she just couldn't let Easter go by without getting that in. Thanks, mom. He had such a great time with his Grandy and Grandad.

Derek still continues to struggle with his health. He has good days and bad. Please continue to pray that his medicine transition we are about to undergo is a smooth process and a safe one. Please continue to pray for him. A cure for diabetes would certainly be a miracle that I believe God will deliver, but we must wait for His timing and submit to His will; which, I am not going to lie, has been very difficult for me when it has come to Derek's health. This two-plus-year struggle has taught us a lot and continues to grow us in our faith. My biggest prayer is that Derek can get his medicine straightened out and be himself again...for good. Thanks for your prayers and continued thoughts and support.



He is so precious. Thanks for sharing new pics on your blog. We will keep Derek in our prayers. Love you, Ed and Marilyn

jackie said...

I was so excited that you created a new post. Hudson is so big now. What a cutie! I loved the biting story. You gotta laugh about things like that. :) Derek will be in our prayers. Can't wait for August!