Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Okay, Okay...

I know that I never post anything and now three posts in one day? Well, it is a special day of thinking back over the last year. God has really allowed us to be challenged a lot, but has really allowed us to grow in more ways than we ever imagined. Derek and I are definitely closer, but more importantly, we have a closer relationship with God through everything we have been through this year. We continue to praise him in everything (easier said while things are going quite well :)). Here are just a couple more pictures that I already have on the computer, so I figured I would go ahead and add them since it may be another year before I blog again!! Enjoy!

Cookie Monster Cupcake!!!

Well, since we celebrated Hudson's birthday in Houston and will be celebrating in Abilene with my family in the near future, we decided to just do a small birthday celebration here at home with just us. Still not sure why we chose a cookie monster cupcake with blue icing, but it was fun! He kept wanting to touch the flame instead of blowing it out. His first bite, he pretty much took the entire icing off the top and shoved it in...he went for the cake later, but ate most of it.

Hudson's First Birthday!!

Wow, I cannot believe our baby is 1. This last year just went so fast. Hudson was most definitely the BIGGEST blessing to our family in 2008. It has been so fun to watch him grow and develop. He was an overachiever in the physical arena as he was crawling before six months and taking steps at 8 1/2 months...CRAZY! This first year of being a mother has truly been amazing and revealed things about myself that I never knew, like, I really don't get sick when it is my own child's poop or throw up that I have to clean up. That in itself was a SHOCK! Anyway, please enjoy these pictures of his birthday celebration in Houston. I will update more of his birthday celebration with Daddy and mommy here at home later on as well as his birthday party that we will be having in Abilene in the near future. SO MUCH FUN!