Friday, May 16, 2008

Sweet baby boy!

Okay, this is Shara typing for Jodi. I finally held her hostage at my house until I was allowed to post pictures of this precious angel on her blog!! Hudson is absolutely adorable, or course. These were taken at about five weeks. The photo people from the hospital came out to their house to take them, and I really don't know how in the world they chose because they are all the cutest pictures I've ever seen! Here is just a tease of them. This child also has a head of hair that would make some grown men cry. I think it is my favorite thing about him...I just can't keep my hands out of it! So for now, enjoy these pictures until I can nag Jodi for some more.

Hudson Ross Tuley
Cutest player ever!
So precious...
Look at that face and that hair!
I just love this one. It will one day be a reminder to Hudson of how amazing his parents are and how much they love him!


allyo said...

Yea for an update! Those are so cute! How did you get the hospital photographers come to your house? I hope you keep updating...I miss that baby boy! I love you and hope to see you soon!

Aunt Shara-Thanks for the update and I LOVE the new header!


Those pictures are adorable! Shara, thanks for keeping us posted on precious Hudson. Jodi you need to keep the updates coming. Shara- great job on the posting and the blog header!